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Are you a coffee lover?

Do you like Roasted or Aroma?
We have perfect blends for you!


Classic -  a balanced coffee fused with a delicate winey finish. Medium to Dark is perfect for coffee lovers who like slightly strong and fragrance filled coffee. They don't want too strong but just enough to relax and enjoy the smooth coffee taste. It's loved by most.


 Altura - more of a darker roast that is mainly used by strong coffee lovers, rich and strong in flavor, gives it the kick and used by those who want a strong shot to get back and push another few hours of work. It is also strong in flavor but a bit mild on fragrance.


Espresso - perfect for the fine coffee loving ladies. Very smooth and loved by all. Women love this coffee as it's just the right medium delicate roast. It is used for my mochas, cappuccinos, macchiato etc.. and regular blends. It's rich fragrance will pull customers from their offices right into your coffee shop. This is coffee just made right.


Our quality designed blends – Altura, Classic and Espresso, are delivered in whole bean and ground forms, which range from medium to dark roast. The medium roast is a full body coffee with bright acidity and a vibrant finish. The medium to dark roast is a perfectly balanced coffee fused with a delicate winey finish. The dark roast promises a full bodied coffee with flavours that awaken the senses. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver our fresh coffee direct to your door step anywhere in the world. Blend Africa guarantees that you will distinctly appreciate the trail of superior quality care given to our coffee, from farm to cup. 

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